Welcome to my music classes!

Liubov Guseva has developed original author’s programs for children and adults of different ages, which include the best methods of Europe and America. For each student, an individually developed program and methodology is used, suitable for a particular student.

Training is provided for both children and adults.

You can choose the format of classes – individually online or in person. Lessons of 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Choose any format that suits you.

I am happy to work with absolute beginners, intermediate or advanced musicians of any age. Welcome!

If you have any questions send a text message via WhatsApp

The benefits of music

The benefits of music

      “Music should be taught to everyone” – Tatyana Chernigovskaya on how Bach and Mozart develop the brain. It is no secret that music has a strong impact on a person’s mental activity. due to which different parts of the brain are activated, motives and texts are...

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